Workers' Compensation


Savage ♦ Finete excels at Defending every aspect of a workers’ compensation claim including Serious and Willful Misconduct and Labor Code Section 132a Discrimination actions.

Savage ♦ Finete attorneys are well-versed in the most complex and in flux issues in the workers' compensation field: Temporary Disability Caps, AMA Guides, Almarez/Guzman analysis, Vocational Feasibility, and Utilization Review, among other issues causing extended litigation.

Savage ♦ Finete attorneys excel at claimant depositions, doctor depositions, and coordinating surveillance efforts.

Savage ♦ Finete attorneys aptly assess case value and pursue settlement avenues for legitimate cases and problematic cases, alike.

Savage ♦ Finete attorneys are responsive to client needs, are proactive in bringing cases to resolution, and keep clients up to date with case activity.

Savage ♦ Finete attorneys keep cases costs down and work with third party administrators to avoid errors and omissions that lead to penalties and sanctions.