What billing methods does Savage ♦ Finete utilize?

Clients have expressed concern over billing practices of the larger firms. In response to this concern, Savage ♦ Finete, APLC provides line billing for each activity. Savage ♦ Finete, APLC bills separately for each individual service provided. This avoids client concerns regarding how much time is spent on each activity. Accordingly, the client will always be fully aware of what each charge represents. Additionally, Savage ♦ Finete, APLC is prepared to provide services and billing practices that conform to the needs of each respective client.

Who will be handling my case?

Savage ♦ Finete, APLC is aware that with bigger firms all too often cases are transferred between multiple associates with little or no partner oversight, and without input from the client. Not at Savage ♦ Finete. Our clients dictate which attorney in our firm handles any particular case, and our office is adept at ensuring that the same person assigned to a file also attends important case events such as depositions and hearings. Also, cases normally stay with the same attorney from inception to case closure. If an associate is handling a case, the matter still receives considerable analysis and participation by one of the partners.