John Ajayi


John Ajayi serves as a hearing-representative and paralegal at Savage Finete. Mr.Ajayi's work includes duties such as workers' compensation lien evaluations and negotiations, bill review & analysis, drafting of various original and form pleadings, trial preparation, legal research, and dictating and drafting various legal memoranda. His high standard with regard to morals and professional ethics provide the ideal candidate for legal services, whilst also ensuring to uphold a positive work environment, critical to the success of any project. As a flexible, versatile, loyal and ambitious individual, Mr. Ajayi reflects the accomplishments of his career through his responsibility to its excellence.

Mr. Ajayi has served numerous companies across California in paralegal and project/human resource management over the last decade. As a result, Mr.Ajayi's honed skills provide the Savage Finete team with the utmost excellence in paralegal works and services. Some of the other companies he has worked with in the past include: Eastlake Village Community Association, Sager & Savage, APLC, and MBC Systems, Inc .

Mr.Ajayi received his Bachelor's Degree in 2002 from California State University Fullerton, and became a certified paralegal through the American Bar Association certified Paralegal Studies program at Fullerton City College in 2006.